Filozofická Fakulta


The lab is equipped with specialized apparatus for the study of cognition and behavior, but the core of the lab’s activities is based on multi-purpose tools such as common computers, video cameras and digital recorders. Standard office computers, when equipped with appropriate stimulus delivery and response collection software, are an excellent tool for running a broad spectrum of experimental studies in experimental psychology, cognitive science and related areas.
The lab is also equipped with two eyetrackers, which are devices that can follow and measure the eye movements and gaze direction. One eyetracker is of the head-mount type, the other is a remote type.

To summarize, the equipment, facilities, include:

  • 5 testing booths equipped with computers, headphones, microphones
  • 2 eyetrackers, one head-mount (Eyelink) and one remote (Interactive Minds)
  • a number of videocameras and sound recorders
  • equipment for measuring electrodermal response and other physiological parameters

We use the following software:

  • experiment presentation and measurement systems DmDX, Presentation, PsychoPy
  • statisitcal software R and SPPS



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